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Who We Are

Co.XV Dance was established in 2022 to fully explore creative productions delivered through digital/virtual channels. As professional choreographers and dancers, we understand the need to keep artists, arts organizations, and arts patrons connected. The pandemic shook the foundation of many artists and separated patrons from the arts. We see an opportunity to reconnect artists and patrons, while making creative works more accessible to audiences who may not otherwise have a chance to appreciate artistic productions or classes. Furthermore, we want to learn and grow from our experiences. Therefore, we ask fans and patrons to provide feedback in real time.     



To Ask

universal questions of the human condition with perspectives drawn from the specific ideological and social framings.

To Explore

sustainable ways to democratize the relationship between artists, arts organizations and arts patrons.

To Grow

the accessibility of creative works for under-engaged audiences.


Co.XV works to create and engage in a set of processes that produce digital and virtual content.


To serve as a model for a process that is:

Purposeful  Inspiring  Truthful  Transparent  Mindfully-Innovative 

The Staff of Co.XV

Alorie Clark Headshot.jpeg
Alorie Clark
Executive Lead

Alorie Clark has contributed to the local and national arts scene by working for organizations such as Step Afrika!, National Arts Strategies, and Washington National Opera. She currently serves as the Arts Learning Coordinator at the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, where she manages the agency's education grant opportunities and program initiatives. Alorie earned a bachelor’s in theatre arts administration from Howard University and a master’s in arts management from American University. 

Laura Rodriguez
Digital Content Manager

Laura Rodriguez is a men’s clothing stylist, screenplay writer, and playwright born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Major in Mass Communications with a Film concentration. Not only is she excited to bring her social media experience to help Co. XV flourish, but is looking forward to being part of such a diverse community of creatives. 

Laura Rodriguez Head Shot.JPG
Jakari Sherman.jpg
Jakari Sherman
Creative Lead

Jakari Sherman is a passionate choreographer, ethnochoreologist, and performer whose experience extends over 25 years. Rooted in the African American tradition of stepping, his work has sought to push the boundaries of percussive dance as a communicative medium by challenging conventional paradigms and exploring the use of technology, storytelling, and diverse musical scores. Jakari served for seven years as the Artistic Director of Washington, DC-based Step Afrika! and has developed nearly 20 original works and full length productions with the company from 2005 to the present. Jakari received a Master of Arts in Ethnochoreology from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. As an ethnochoreologist, he seeks to blend performance, research, and community engagement through performative ethnography and applied ethnochoreology.

Bethany Gambino
Production Lead 

Bethany Gambino is a film producer and visual storyteller based in Houston, Texas. Before discovering her love for film, she grew up in the performing arts and later taught Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. She graduated with a bachelors in Communication from the University of Houston - Clear Lake, and now serves as the Lead Film Producer at Hope City in Houston. Bethany is honored and excited to combine her passion for dance & film in Co.XV. 

Bethany Gambino.JPG
Briana Stuart.jpg
Briana Ashley Stuart
Creative Facilitator

Briana Ashley Stuart is a Brussels-based performer, choreographer, and entrepreneur born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After studying Dance and Sociology at the University of Michigan she performed with US based companies Step Afrika! and SJ Ewing & Dancers and has since continued her career in Belgium. She has collaborated with organizations and artists such as BOZAR, 4HOOG Kindertheater, ZIKIT, Cie Airblow, Les Brigittes, Nadine Baboy, Jana Roos, Dalila Hermant and Peter Spaepen. She has also created, S.T.U. Arts Dance, a community-based arts organization dedicated to moving Belgium’s communities to “See. Think. Understand. the Art of Dance” for personal, professional, and community development. 

Subscription Perks 

  • Your subscription will support organizations and causes that are important to Co.XV artists. 

  • Exclusive access to screen dance works developed by artists made available through unique fan pages.

  • Access to our end-of-season headline work.

  • Access to insider content getting to know the artists and their creative process.

  • Access to additional content through Co.XV Presents.


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