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Fan of Co.XV

$75 for a 6-month season


Artist Fan

$15 for a 6-month season


Your subscription will support organizations and causes that are important to Co.XV artists.

Artists are some of the most generous individuals, giving of themselves physically and emotionally for the pleasure and enjoyment of others. We are boosting artists capacity to financially support the communities that support them by donating on their behalf to charities, arts organizations and causes of their choosing. Read more about the specific charities on the artist’s page.


Exclusive access to screen dance works developed by artists made available through unique fan pages.

MicroWorks are screendance works produced by Company XV and directed and choreographed by individual artists. These works offer artist’s compelling perspectives on curated topics. This season’s work, Portrait of Peace, will feature artists’ interpretations of peace and  the challenges and pathways to peace. Learn more about the artists and the works they are developing (hyperlink).


Access to our end-of-season headline work.

This season will culminate in a feature length work that represents a fusion of the MicroWorks presented over 6 months.


Access to insider content getting to know the artists and their creative process.

This content includes interviews with artists, training sessions, and artist skill shares. 

Access to Co.XV events and content.

Co.XV will produce events related to realizing our purpose and vision. This will include a range of social and educational experiences with Company XV and other professional artists.